We're a two man design team based out of Jacksonville, Florida. We love designing, coding, and solving problems.


graphic designer

Mel has been creatively inclined since a young age, and has come to apply this creativity to solve problems for companies and businesses. He has a Bachelor's Degree from University of North Florida’s design program. He brings a slew of skills to the forefront for every problem, including illustration, UI/UX design, branding and print design. In his free time, Mel likes to surf, rock climb and go camping with his friends. At home, he enjoys his time with his cats (Kitty and Mr. Man), and his girlfriend Alexis.


web developer

Brian is a natural on the computer, and has been programming since age 11. In recent years, he's been both a freelance graphic designer and a digital printer. He enjoys working on a team and loves the feeling of seeing a project grow from an idea to a complete end product. When he's not being a total nerd, he enjoys playing music, rock climbing, hiking, and spending time with his 2 very sweet dogs.

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